Bound-weave is a loom-controlled weft-faced weave. The weft goes from selvedges to selvedges. It can  be done on most treading systems. The appearance of bound-weave is so different from all the other weaving techniques, it almost seems as if we've left the twill and are into something new, in one sense this is true.

The threading has remained the same, but the set has changed considerably.It has been widened so that the weft will be able to pack down and completely cover the warp. Color plays an important part in this technique, and the effects can range from bright peasantry colors to subtle and sophisticated combinations. As with so man other ideas in weaving, this technique is utterly inexhaustible. It's particularly slow, but it's great fun to watch the pattern build up.

Pictures below, images woven in Bound-weave from the book written by a beloved Swedish Author Selma Lagerlöv,The Wonderful Adventures of Nils.

 Words from a well known author Astrid Lindgren," The Wonderful Adventures of Nils was a book that brightened my childhood. We read it in school; and I read it on the sly, so I was always pages ahead of the others. Yes, it is a wonderful book that I hope all children get to read."


Smålands weave is the name of a woven cloth and and has today become the term used to describe a special weaving technique. It is a variety of Opphämta weave with simple and regular patterning. This technique is sometimes called threaded Opphämta, because the pattern is threaded and treadled on a loom instead  of as being  picked- up.

Exactly when and how the special threading which characterizes Smålands weave came into use is still uncertain. One source says it was developed as late as 1904 by Emma Andersson who live in the province of Småland in Sweden, and this is how this weaving technique got it's name," Smålandsweave".

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Är du vid vardagslivet led,

och synes dagen grå,

så sätt dig vid din vävstol ned,

och väv en aln, ja, två.

Då gladare du livet ser

-Det är en moras råd-

och du åt vardagsväven ger

en vackert glansig våd.

English translation.

Are you in everyday life stage,
and seemingly gray day,
so sit down at your loom,
and weave a yard, well, two.
When you are happier life see
it is a moras( housewife_ advice
and lets you access daily by your
loom beauiful fabric with glossy
våd, kjolvåd= gore
        tygvåd= width
         tapetvåd= length